“Joining the study made all the difference. I have never felt healthier.”
— Jordan, age 37

Happy Patients


"I liked feeling in control. I didn't know what to expect but the staff made it all so easy. I would happily recommend this to friends."

— Macy, age 53 

"When my doctor told me my condition ran in the family, I started thinking about my grandchildren. I wanted to help come up with a cure. I'm glad I was able to participate."

— Leonard,age 60

"I signed up because I wanted a solution. After testing, I found out I had a much more serious problem. If I hadn't had the tests, I wouldn't have known. I truly believe it saved my life."

— Sharron, Age 40

"My doctor tried to help but never found the solution. When I heard about the study I thought it might work for me. It did and I felt great when the drug was approved and I can even get it without a prescription now."

— Ben,age 32


"I finally felt like someone was listening to me." 

— Kit, age 22

"Everyone on the staff is great. I really feel like they care."

— Carmen, age 54

"I was in a study when I ended up in the hospital. My coordinator called me every day to check on me and answer all my questions. She even helped the doctor understand what was going on."

— Bobby, age 53

"There aren't many doctors in my area. The clinic arranged for my transportation and a lot of the visits were done on the phone. I wouldn't have been able to get that treatment without their help."

— Ally, Age 72