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E Squared Research is currently seeking physicians to be part of our research team. Positions available include Principle Investigators and Sub-Investigators. 

Principle Investigator (PI)

The Principle Investigator on a study assumes the ultimate responsibility for research related activity on a protocol, and as such, there is only one PI on each study. Being the authority, it is the Investigator's role to assign delegation of authority to the study team. A form is completed to relay these activities. 

Following protocol review and delegation of authority, the PI's role is primarily to oversee the conduct of the study. The E Squared Research team will report, at regular intervals, the progress of enrollment and the state of affairs. Additionally, the PI will be asked to review and approve each potential patient at screening, randomization and during any adverse events. It will also be the PI's duty to review lab results obtained during the study to assess them for clinical significance. The supporting documents, as well as a detailed clinical explanation, will be provided to the physician at the time of review.

The PI may assume other study-related physician duties, according to his/her schedule. A sub-I may also take on the daily tasks that may be associated with a study.



Sub-Investigators serve as additional medical authorities on each protocol. Many Sub-I's may work together to perform a study. Physical exams, review of clinical results, and protocol oversight may be performed by any qualifying physician. 


If you are interested in hearing more information, or would like to talk to the E Squared administrative department about being considered for employment, please complete the following form. If you prefer, you may contact our business manager:

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Upon completion, our administrative team will contact you regarding your inquiry. E Squared Research appreciates your time and interest in our team.