E Squared Research, Inc.

We are a dedicated clinical research site in Huntsville, AL, conducting trials in a variety of indications. Whether you're interested in more information about becoming a patient, or are a physician who wants to know more about getting involved, just select the icon below that applies to you. 


New or Existing Patients

This section of the site is designed for patients. Whether you are interested in finding out more about research, want to become a patient at E Squared, or are an existing patient seeking more information or assistance, the link above will direct you to whatever information you need. 


Sponsors / CRO's

This section of the site is dedicated to Sponsors and CRO's who are interested in utilizing our talents and passion for research here at E Squared. 

Investigators or Referring Physicians 

This section of the site can help physicians find out more about research opportunities, find the forms to become a referring physician, and put you in contact with essential staff to answer any further questions you may have.