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We believe your health is the most powerful aspect of your life. Whether you are worried about an illness you know you have, or you are looking for answers to why you are not feeling your best, E Squared Research wants to help you find the answers you need. Patients DO NOT need to be eligible or interested in a current study to have a consultation. We can assess your situation and update you when we have a study that might be appropriate for you. 


Our Clinical Trials

E Squared Research is always looking for the right studies for our community. Step inside our study list and find out if a study we have might be right for you. 

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What Is Clinical Research?

Why do people participate? What should you expect? While every study is different, we would like to invite you into our learning center to find out more about the world of Clinical Research.

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Your Health, Your World

E Squared Research is dedicated to keeping you informed. Our blog seeks to provide you the most accurate and useful information from the forefront of medicine.

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Our Clinic

Our clinic is staffed with people who have dedicated their lives to understanding and advancing medical understanding. Click below to get to know our team.


Medicine has always been a relationship between the patient and the provider. The patient who teaches us their story gives us more than the ability to treat them. They give us the knowledge to push beyond the limits of today and change medicine for ever.

— Erin McCulley, Founder and Director of Research, E Squared Research

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